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WR is a publicly traded company focused on producing high quality motion pictures based on excellent literary content.

Through its divisions, WR Pictures and WR Publishing, the company has strategically positioned itself to become one of Hollywood’s leading book-to- film studios.

One of WR’s largest IP assets comes from the Morgan Kane book series. WR holds the film, licensing, merchandising and eBook publishing rights to the 83 titles in the series which has been published in 11 languages, and has sold over 20 million copies in Northern Europe alone, making it one of the top 100 best-selling book series in the world.


MORGAN KANE, based on the best-selling book series in the world, featuring the title character Morgan Kane - an outlaw who becomes a Texas Ranger first, then a U.S. Marshall. WR Pictures has a vibrant and exciting production slate following the planned Morgan Kane franchise. Additional film projects in development include Hell Below Zero, a gripping action thriller about a man that has lost everything, and Shuttlecock, a comedy about two friends finding a common cause that will get them out of the depressing small town they live in.

13th January 2016. Wide Release Entertainment listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market in Norway.
450+ shareholders. And growing.
Trading under the ticker code WRE-ME.

WR Inc. CEO answers 15 questions selected by Virgin Media on being a Pioneer in media and business, on what inspires her, the Morgan Kane movie and being a female CEO. Questions came in from via Twitter to @Tasmin using the hashtag #AskAPioneer
Watch the bell ringing ceremony at the Oslo Stock Exchange and WR Inc.’s CEO, Tasmin Lucia-Khan, present at a Stock Exchange Press Conference. Read more about the CEO, WR’s Management and Board of Directors, and the rest of team at WR.

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