When Morgan Kane entered the Oslo Stock Exchange

WR Entertainment listing day on Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market
Morgan Kane films are a Billion Kroner-adventure
18th March 2016
WR Entertainment - Listing day at Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market

Jim Cardwell, CEO Tasmin Lucia-Khan and Ryan Wiik at Oslo Stock Exchange on day of listing at Merkur Market.

“Born in 1855 at Santa Fe / Crushed trucks was the first thing he saw / Thrown into the world’s harsh realities / Where a male soul is doomed to loneliness / Morgan Kane was his name.”

These stanzas are taken from the musician Benny Borg’s breakthrough tune from 1972, and arouses enough good memories with many people – mainly adult male – readers. The hope at least one of the companies that today listed on the Merkur Market, the new marketplace for the Oslo Stock Exchange.


WR Entertainment sits namely on most of the commercial rights for the Morgan Kane series, described as the biggest success in modern Norwegian entertainment literature.

  • In essence, we are a global book-to-movie-entertainment company. Our creative base in Hollywood, but our heart is here in Norway. So this is very exciting for us, says CEO Tasmin Lucia-Khan to E24.

One can objectively ascertain that the former news anchor stole the show during the current session on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Not only because she was the only female CEO and dressed relatively colourful, but also due to a massively energetic and verbose company presentation which triggered being approached from the Oslo Stock Exchange Director of Communications.

Tasmin Lucia-Khan Presentation at Oslo Stock Exchange

STOLE THE SHOW:  CEO Tasmin Lucia-Khan from WR Entertainment.


Film on the way 

WR Entertainment is already in pre production with the fictional western hero Morgan Kane. Simultaneously they have planned a variety of products throughout the supply chain, from movie to the studio and publishing. Everything from music and television games to more tangible “merchandise” too.

– Our business model is largely based on that we buy literary, high-profile rights underused, developing scripts and business plans and hopefully can maximize all of the rights that underlies the literary umbrella, says chairman Jim Cardwell.

Source: http://e24.no/boers-og-finans/oslo-boers/da-morgan-kane-inntok-oslo-boers/23595326

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