Morgan Kane films are a Billion Kroner-adventure

WR Entertainment - Listing day at Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market
When Morgan Kane entered the Oslo Stock Exchange
13th January 2016
Norwegian Billionaires invest in Morgan Kane
16th April 2016
WR Entertainment listing day on Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market

If the Morgan Kane movie is a success, the plan is to create a billion dollar operation based on the Norwegian western hero.

AKER BRYGGE: – There is no reason why Morgan Kane can’t become an international phenomenon like James Bond or a successful franchise like Hunger Games, says CEO Tasmin Lucia-Khan of WR Entertainment ASA to the Manager of NA24.


Listed in Norway today
This morning we saw WR Entertainment trade on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s Merkur Market. The company owns the book and film rights to 83 books based on the gunslinger.

Morgan Kane


The film will likely be shot in Mexico this year, and WR will have social media and online campaigns to widen the audience for the books. Up until now, Morgan Kane has sold around 22 million copies in Scandinavia and Europe alone.

“The books haven’t been marketed yet in Latin America, USA and the Far East, says Lucia-Khan, “but that’s about to change”.


Huge goals
The Morgan Kane project aims to compete with international hits such as The Hunger Games, James Bond and other films based on book series.


Hollywood producer Mark Huffam is attached to the Morgan Kane project. He’s been responsible for producing some audience favorites.

Hollywood producer Mark Huffam is attached to the Morgan Kane project. He’s been responsible for producing some audience favorites.


The upside is fantastic: Hunger Games only sold 200,000 copies before the news that the movie rights had been sold, and when the first film was released, the books sold 23.5 million copies in the United States alone. Currently, sales have passed 65 million books in the U.S.


Millions of fans on Facebook
The former BBC anchor woman has led a number of startup companies in Silicon Valley, but moved to Los Angeles, where she ran a large advertising agency for mobile. 
Also the old gunslinger will be marketed on social networks like Facebook. Note that several of the films had millions of fans on Facebook before they were released, she said, so social media awareness campaigns are a really important way to reach our audience.


The free movement of shares
All shares of WR Entertainment ASA can be traded on Merkur Market, but the company does not carry out any share issue in connection with the IPO.

Morgan Kane is an icon in international literature.

– We will come with an IPO (prospect) later tells directors Jim Cardwell and Jenny Chu. The plan is to be listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in the next 12-18 months. Only Norwegian Board member currently is business lawyer Henning Øglænd. 


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