Screenwriter from X-Men Wolverine and Die Hard joins the Morgan Kane movie

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17th January 2017
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16th May 2017



WR Entertainment has signed established screenwriter Skip Woods to rewrite the Morgan Kane script as the producers of the film have decided that the lead character is going to be younger (in his 20’s) with an emphasis on the journey that turns this young man into the legend that is known as Morgan Kane.

Skip Woods is a well-known action screenwriter in Hollywood best known for writing Swordfish, X‑Men Origins: Wolverine and working on the Die Hard franchise with Bruce Willis.


“I am excited to bring a modern and original vision to the familiar western genre. An origin story that is as fresh as it is raw, Morgan Kane will appeal both to the fans of the original books and those completely unfamiliar with the violent and cunning outlaw.”

– Screenwriter, Skip Woods


Producer Mark Huffam (producer of the new Alien movie and The Martian) and CEO Tasmin Lucia-Khan are very happy to have Skip Woods on board the team.


“Skip Woods is one of the go-to writers for Hollywood action movies. I love his quick and witty dialogue and I’m excited to have him re-write the Morgan Kane screenplay to make it more action filled and engaging for today’s audiences.”

– CEO, Tasmin Lucia-Khan


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