The Company

Wide Release Entertainment is a global company focused on book-to-film
entertainment through its divisions WR Pictures and WR Publishing.

Revenues sources above for the Global multi-asset entertainment company publicly traded in Norway — with its creative base in Hollywood, and access to low cost production facilities in Mexico.


One of WR’s largest IP assets, the Morgan Kane book series, published in 11 languages, has sold over 25 million copies in Northern Europe alone, making it the 70 th best selling book series in the world.

Wide Release Entertainment is built by entertainment industry leaders with extraordinary track records in securing, exploiting and capitalizing on high-quality entertainment content.
The Board and Management of WR is dedicated to developing the content library of Morgan Kane comparable to the James Bond film franchise and aims to move higher up the list of the best-selling book series worldwide.


It is highly unusual for a literary property of this magnitude to go undetected by Hollywood’s Major Studios. We are thrilled that WR holds the screen, licensing, merchandising and eBook publishing rights to all 150 books written by Louis Masterson, including the entire series of 83-book Morgan Kane titles which has been completely been unexploited or marketed worldwide, and only released in Scandinavia and limited parts of Europe.
WR’s mission is to complete the first Morgan Kane picture, fund its P&A (Prints & Advertising) cost estimated to be $20-30 million, and to build the publishing division, WR Publishing, to exploit the Morgan Kane eBooks world-wide, focusing on the US and Latin American market and then onto the Far East and Europe. The Company’s strategic plan calls for the completion of the first Morgan Kane film in Summer 2017.

A world-wide sales and marketing campaign, will create a crossfire that will both increase audience awareness concurrently
with the film’s theatrical release, and drive significant boosts to the fan base through eBook sales.
Who Is Morgan Kane?
The success of this plan will position WR as a global entertainment company with unique strengths and capabilities to exploit intellectual properties in the cross-fire between publishing and motion pictures.

WR’s current production line-up, including 5 motion picture projects, plus television and video game licensing, is expected to result in enhanced, long-term shareholder value.