1What do the letters “WR” stand for?
WR is an abbreviation for Wide Release, a term used in the entertainment industry to describe a motion picture that has wide theatrical release in the United States. Specifically, a movie is considered to be in wide release when it is on screens in 600 theaters or more in the U.S. and Canada.
2Who founded WR and when was it incorporated?
WR Entertainment ASA (“WR”, “Company”), a Norwegian public stock company, was organized as WR Entertainment AS in January 2015 to acquire WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc., a California corporation founded by seven co-founders in September 2009: Jim Cardwell (former CEO and Chairman) Ryan Wiik (former Vice Chairman and Vice President), Duane Eberlein (current CFO) Øyvind Holm-Johnsen, Steinar Larsen, Michael J. Smith and Alan Bell, which was created to manage the production of major motion pictures and the Company’s book and publication operation.
3Where is WR Entertainment headquartered?
The books and records of the Company are maintained at the Company’s offices located at Bryggegata 6, Sixth Floor, 0250 Oslo, Norway and its subsidiary WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc. in Southern California with Company’s offices located at 9701 Wilshire Blvd., Tenth Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA.
4Who are WR Entertainment’s independent auditors?
RSM Norge AS is appointed by the shareholders as the statutory auditor for WR Entertainment ASA in Oslo, Norway. Squar, Milner, Peterson, Miranda and Williamson, LLP, is the certified public accounting firm auditing WR’s U.S. operation through its subsidiary, WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc.
5Where can I submit film, publishing or entertainment related ideas?
WR Entertainment’s policy is to not accept unsolicited materials. Any submissions will not be read or reviewed. WR may currently have, or in the future may undertake, development of projects similar to any submissions received. Please be advised that WR has no obligation to you for use of literary materials perhaps containing creative elements similar to your submission.
6What is a beneficial shareholder?
Shareholders may hold shares of WR’s common stock in “street name” (the name of a securities (brokerage) firm) with a securities firm, instead of having their shares directly registered in their name. A stockholder whose shares are held in the street name by a securities firm is known as a beneficial shareholder.
7How can I invest in Morgan Kane and other WR Pictures?
You may purchase publicly traded shares of WR common stock through any securities firm, brokerage or a stock purchase service handling the Oslo Exchange – Merkur Market.
8What is the Company’s stock dividend policy?
The Company believes that for the foreseeable future its earnings and cash flow will best be used in building revenues and earnings through film production, publishing and related products, enhancing the growth of the Company and ultimately shareholder value.
9Who are the Board Members and Management of WR Entertainment?
WR’s Senior Management team along with its Board of Directors and Committee members are available in the people section of this website.
10Why are WR shares traded in Oslo versus a U.S. stock exchange?
The majority of WR’s shareholders are Norwegian. And because the creative materials originated in Norway, with sales and marketing directed at the general public, journalists and investors who are very familiar with WR’s most recogniable intellectual property: the Morgan Kane brand, was written by Norwegian author Kjell Hallbing under the pen name, Louis Masterson. The Morgan Kane series of 83 books sold 11 million copies in Norway alone – making it easy to communicate WR’s creative visions in its business story. Norway is not a test market, but WR’s first choice. WR believes that Norwegian investors should be allowed to participate in the growth of WR and Morgan Kane as they take the global stage. Furthermore, WR management thinks highly of the stability and discipline of the Norwegian financial markets, as demonstrated in the 2008 – 2010 economic recession where Norway was far less impacted than other international markets. Norway is widely recognized for its strong and highly efficient capital market. Oslo is ranked as the most important financial center in the Nordic region, making it highly attractive to international companies, investors and other market participants.
11Who is Morgan Kane?
Morgan Kane is a fictional character created by Norwegian writer Kjell Hallbing (1934-2004) under the pseudonym Louis Masterson. Masterson’s stories of the life and adventures of Morgan Kane, a Texas Ranger and later a U.S. Marshal in the Wild West, sold over 20 million books in more than ten countries prior to its introduction to North American, Asian and Latin markets. The first Morgan Kane book was published in 1966 and Masterson wrote 83 Morgan Kane books in total.
12What happens after the three Morgan Kane pictures are produced? Is that it?
It is only the beginning… Based on Louis Masterson’s extraordinary universe of 83 Morgan Kane titles, WR sees the Morgan Kane opportunity as a franchise. WR has the rights to all Morgan Kane books in perpetuity. WR and its creative team have already mapped out a large number of book titles that are excellent alternatives for development and the continuation of the Morgan Kane motion picture series. Additionally, the Masterson universe encompasses other title characters such as Morgan Kane’s son, El Diablo, and other characters that positioned as excellent sister-franchises to Kane, with characters weaving in and out of their respective title movies.
13Can we read a copy of the Morgan Kane screenplays?
Unfortunately no. We live in a time when high-profile creative works very often if not always end up on the Internet, at some point. In respect for the filmmakers and the upcoming marketing campaign for Morgan Kane, WR will hold the screenplay under wraps for as long as possible prior to theatrical release. A novelization title based on the film and the original screenplay will then be sold by WR Publishing in the future. If you wish to know more on how the film is going to look and feel, we encourage you to read a copy of the Morgan Kane book titles “El Gringo” and “El Gringo’s Revenge” on which the screenplay is directly based. WR Pictures will aim to stay close to the source material in Louis Masterson’s books.