Investor Relations


WR Entertainment ASA (WR) is a public limited liability company organised and existing under the laws of Norway pursuant to the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act. The Company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market on 13 January 2016.


Organization number:   914942284
Stock Exchange:   Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market
ISIN:   NO0010755077
Ticker:   WRE-ME
Industry:   Movies & Entertainment
Registered office:   Oslo, Norway
Independent Auditor:   RSM Norge AS / Squar Milner LLP (U.S.)
Reg. no. of shares:   90,302,300


The listing of WR Entertainment ASA on the Oslo Stock Exchange Merkur Market enables its shareholders to trade their shares, providing an official, transparent platform, and providing up-to-the-minute, accurate market information on the Company’s shares. The Board considers Oslo Børs’ Merkur Market an excellent resource in which to gain access to capital markets, raising the Company’s profile and enhancing its future by providing future sources of capital for growth and acquisitions.
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Communication with its shareholders, investors and analysts in Norway, is a priority for WR Entertainment ASA. The Company’s objective is to ensure that financial markets have sufficient information about the Company to be certain that pricing reflects underlying values. The limited and lack of direct comparable business in the entertainment industry makes it very hard for analysts to determine the true value of WR as a business. However, WR will set the benchmark in opening Scandinavia to participate in financing global entertainment transactions, as opposed to simply being consumers of entertainment (which Scandinavia certainly is by contributing approximately 5% of global film and publishing revenue). With this in mind, WR is offering its shareholders to come in on the ground floor and participate in the growth of WR as a business.
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All notices to the Stock Exchange which are issued under the duty of disclosure are available on NewsWeb. WR Entertainment ASA issues all notices under the ticker WRE-ME.


WR will conduct its operations with built-in protection for its investors. First, the Company will invest only in commercially viable feature length motion pictures. Each film will be subject to an agreement for distribution with a “major” studio, “mini-major” studio or other reputable distributor which provides for the picture to be released for theatrical exhibition in North America on 2,000 to 4,000 screens.

WR Entertainment ASA will not bear the cost of production for the first Morgan Kane motion picture which is to be financed by outside investors, yet will participate in the profit share of the picture with limited capital investment due to the contributions WR has made in the developement of the project, including the acquisition of intellectual property rights, translation, conversion and production costs of the Morgan Kane eBook library, financing costs, legal fees, travel and other expenses. Some of these costs will be recovered from production service fees and its share of future profits from its motion pictures, book sales and other sources of revenue including television, music, video games, merchandising and product licensing.
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All shareholders of WR have equal rights and status. WR strictly adheres to the principle of equal treatment of all shareholders, in accordance with the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act. Additionally, the company has one class of share, and all shares are freely traded and transferable.

WR complies with the Oslo Børs’ Merkur Market Continuing Obligations and Code of Practice for reporting investor information.