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The Company

The Company plans for two of its upcoming productions – Morgan Kane and Living the Lie – to become franchises, involving multiple sequels with talent signed to multi-picture deals. Of the top grossing movies in North America in each of the past ten years, eight were franchise films. Morgan Kane, with over 22 million books sold in Europe has an established fan base with its storyline based in America’s History of the West, reinterpreted to appeal to modern audiences seeking dynamic, action-oriented, films, the material will receive wide acceptance by audiences in North America, Latin America, Europe and other markets. Franchised projects may also provide the possibility of reduced production costs as sequels can be produced simultaneously.

Crossfire Chart

Book to Film Crossfire

WR is uniquely positioned – to control marketing and distribution for both the Morgan Kane book series and the Morgan Kane movies. The dual income streams of cross-marketing of the books and the movies will provide a financial hedge and create a demand for related products, such as video games, toys, clothing, licensing and other merchandising. All of these activities are owned and controlled by WR Entertainment Group.

Wide Release Entertainment


  • Development and production of major motion pictures in the action, adventure, western, thrillers and drama genre
  • Focus on aquistions and development of wholly-owned intellectual properties
  • Green-light of pictures which are suitable for theatrical distribution through major studio for 2000-4000 screens in North America (Wide Release)
  • Pre-selling of international distribution rights as well as use of tax credits and governmental incentives to reduce production cost
  • Portfolio includes the Morgan Kane franchise

The Company has acquired intellectual property rights for motion pictures which have gone through significant development, including the Morgan Kane series, Frank, and Living the Lie. Management believes that these motion pictures will have broad commercial appeal, and also believes that Morgan Kane and Living the Lie have significant franchise potential and has already identified sequels to Morgan Kane, tentatively titled Morgan Kane: Between Life and Death and Morgan Kane: Without Mercy, and a potential sequel to Living the Lie, tentatively titled Carnegie: Living the Lie, Part II.


Film Fund

  • Motion picture portfolio approach for action, adventure, western, thrillers and drama genres
  • Motion pictures with worldwide appeal and budgets ranging from $5-40 million
  • Foundation for Film Franchises with significant savings in production cost through amortization and multi-picture contracts
  • Theatrical distribution through major studio with a target of 2000-4000 screens in North America
  • WR Film Fund I include the Morgan Kane motion pictures series

A to-be-formed Limited Liability Company (an “LLC”), to be owned by future purchasers of Membership Interests, with WR Entertainment acting as fund manager. WR have completed the modeling of it own Film Fund, which included the legal parameters of the fund, based on advice from the international law firm O’Melveny & Myers in Los Angeles. Pre-marketing of the fund have proved positive globally in Asia, U.S., Nordics and other regions, including strong interest from a major studio. The Film Fund will allow WR to finance future productions in a portfolio. The Film Fund is a slate film-financing model organized to finance, produce and distribute major motion pictures over a number of years, based on a Fund of Fund approach, which reduces risk given the portfolio covers a number of films with guaranteed distribution.



  • Library of 150 book titles, translated into 11 languages
  • Development, production and publishing of eBooks, printed books, applications and merchandize
  • Book-to-film franchise properties

WR Publishing, a division of the Company, is the worldwide electronic book publisher for the Morgan Kane book series. The Company controls the eBook rights for 83 Morgan Kane titles, which are translated into 11 languages, resulting in a total of 450 eBooks available for sale by resellers, such as iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and local ecommerce sites.

As the only major book-to-film entertainment company in Hollywood, WR has been approached by and is in talks with literary agents and rights owners for international best-selling authors who control some of the largest book publishing successes of all time. While WR plans to develop and acquire many other literary publishing properties and libraries in the time to come, management is under the directive to achieve true value of the intellectual rights to Louis Masterson’s universe of 83 Morgan Kane titles, which is the company’s most recognizable literary asset at this time.

Morgan Kane is the ideal property to launch a global evergreen brand, which in turn will quickly establish WR Entertainment as the leading Book-to-Film Studio globally.

In addition to the Morgan Kane titles, WR Publishing owns the rights to the spin-off series based on Morgan Kane’s son a series of three (3) El Diablo titles and four (4) El Diablito titles. Novelization rights to adapt one book based on each of the Morgan Kane screenplays are also planned to be published by WR Publishing, as these rights are also owned by WR Entertainment.

After careful study of the potential for the eBook business, and the initial success of the Norwegian Morgan Kane titles (published by WR Publishing), WR recognizes a major opportunity and sees that an international eBook launch will inevitably benefit the feature film franchise, and create additional recurring revenue for the Company.

WR is currently investing in eBook conversion, translation and marketing. After Morgan Kane eBook sales meet our expectations, i.e., becoming best-sellers on, the largest online eBook seller in the U.S., WR will proceed to expand to other global territories to meet the increasing demand in connection with the international release of Morgan Kane. Over the past years, WR management has developed and has tailored the Company’s business plan to exploit Morgan Kane eBook sales in the U.S., working with strategic partners who are on the cutting edge of the rapidly growing eBook market.

One of WR’s most important attributes is the ability to operate in an industry that often spends marketing dollars aimlessly, and instead create a system where marketing spend is trackable, profitable, and most importantly, reusable. The ability to build a large platform that can be built and leveraged more with each title essentially means that as we grow each time – less marketing budget is needed for each movie/book by leveraging the WR in-house platform built through our innovated process.

Wide Release Entertainment

Other Business

In addition to its motion picture and publishing divisions, the Company will continue growth with development of the following operations :

  • Episodic Television
  • Documentaries
  • Talent Management
  • Video Games
  • Music Publishing
  • Licensing
  • Merchandising