Alan E. Bell

Advisory Board Member

Alan E. Bell

Responsible for over 50 patents which have shaped the industry’s technology platforms

Brokered the unification of competing DVD formats setting the industry standard

Chief Technology Officer for Paramount Pictures and Chief Technologist at Warner Bros.

Consultant for Google & Microsoft

Alan Bell has many years of experience as a senior executive responsible for technology-based business development and the associated strategic standards and policy issues at IBM, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Most recently, Bell was executive vice president and chief technology officer for Paramount Pictures. In this role, Bell’s activities encompassed a wide range of activities aimed at leveraging advances in digital technology across a broad range of business areas centered on the preparation, distribution and consumption of digital motion picture content and related derivatives. Prior to joining Paramount Pictures, Bell was executive vice president of technology at Warner Bros. Bell is widely recognized for his central role and leadership in the unification of the DVD format, one of the most successful consumer electronics products ever launched. He also led the complex cross-industry negotiations that led to the development of DVD copy protection, without which the major studios would not have released content to DVD.

Bell now provides management consulting, business development and litigation support services in the field of digital media and related technologies. His areas of expertise include the development of next generation digital distribution methods and standards, high definition disc formats, digital home entertainment networks, digital fingerprinting and watermarking, stereoscopic display and the technologies and issues associated with digital content rights management. Bell’s assignments have included working for Microsoft, You-on-Demand, AACS, Neustar and FeaturePointe.

Bell is one of the pioneers of optical data storage technology with 25 issued U.S. patents and over 30 scientific papers based on his original research which was conducted at the IBM Almaden Corporate Research Center and the RCA David Sarnoff Research Center. In recognition of his contributions to the DVD format, and to original research in optical storage technology, Alan is an elected fellow of the both the IEEE and the Optical Society of America. He received his doctoral and bachelor degrees in physics from Imperial College, London.

Bell served as a member of the board for WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc. between 2010 – 2015. His industry experience and background will be of immeasurable value to the growth and future of WR.