Morgan Kane


Staked to the ground in the scorching desert is a nameless young man who narrowly escapes death. Driven by revenge, he crosses into the dangerous badlands of Mexico to hunt down the men who stole his gold. A fateful encounter with a powerful American landowner and the notorious bandit Coyote, leads to the beginning of a legend that would later be known as – El Gringo.

Forged by the childhood tragedy of his parents’ murder as a newborn baby, hardened into steel by the savage frontiers of the American West, Kane, a man of few words, learned early to let his gun do the talking.

Loved by women who want to tame him and feared by men who want to kill him, he knows better than to go looking for trouble. But trouble always seems to find him.

Based on the International Best-Sellers “El Gringo” and “El Gringo’s Revenge” written by Louis Masterson.